Office Rules for Sharing a Fridge

Are you working at an office with several colleagues? Have you laid down the rules on the usage of a communal fridge? Communal places are quite common in present day offices, be it somewhere people can get together for lunch or get relaxed for breaks. Communal places are always relaxed and calm but when it comes to communal freezer it is always a different matter. Communal fridge can result to office arguments and become an avenue of passing anonymous hostile notes. Highlighted here are some basic rules that can help prevent disputes arising at the offices due to fridge usage.

One of the things that can help prevent dispute from arising is use of common courtesy.  The greatest tip for dealing with any communal office spaces at is common courtesy. Unfortunately most people forget about this when they are dealing with food. As an individual if you want people not to dine on your milk, do not partake in drinking theirs. If you set standards and follow them it be will difficult for others to break the rules. Lead by being an example and others will follow suit.

Secondly, you need to label everything. You can assume that a number of people will eventually break the rules. In order to make it harder for people to break the rules ask people to put a label on each and everything they put in the fridge with their name and department. This will be helpful as it will help staff to avoid mix ups and feast on someone else’s food. Check out this website at to know more about offices.

The communal fridge should always be kept clean. It is important that someone is delegated the duty of cleaning the fridge. A proper clean once in a week is enough to keep the fridge clean. All the empty packages, containers and leftover foods should be removed to keep the fridge at its best. However people should also be encouraged to tidy up the fridge after they have used it. In case of any spillages in the fridge it should be wiped immediately.

Finally it is important for people to use only the space they require. Staff should be encouraged to put only foods that are require to be kept cool. In addition to this people should not put food worth a whole week in the fridge. They should only put food that is necessary for the day. If people take these tips to account there won’t arise any dispute at the serviced office space london due to fridge usage.

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